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Production Update and a Familiar Face

By MC Airbag and Nico Pain, 5/4/24

Welcome to the sykotik blog once again hosted by airbag. There's some updates on the album's progress! In terms of the branding, we're dropping my design for something nico is working on. He's not given many details right now but it's gonna be something great. That also means I'm as much in the dark as everyone else as to the name, so when i call it Album 3 that's literally all I know. Maybe in a later blog I'll show off some early concepts and ideas, but I want that to be after we've well established it. Now for the big part. Last time i said we had one or two finished songs. Now it's looking more like TEN SONGS! Ten complete tracks give or take a few, out of an outline of fourteen, with more ideas still coming. I can't say anything about release dates but it's come a long way in the month or so we've been hard at work. And there's a higher standard of quality, less "don't even listen to this" and "literal fungus growing between my toes" tracks. I reached out to Nico Pain to see if he wanted to add anything to the blog, he said, and had me note down, this:


Butt antics should be banned. But, ant butticks should be allowed.

Easter come, easter go. The spring tide is water.

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for the rest of his life. (unless in the waters of japan, as he will be consuming 90% microplastics).

Waste not want not, ton tnaw ton etsaw.

Real eyes realise real lies. In real life.

42 of them.

I think child labour is bad. I think Lyle Chambers is good.

We stan god, dog nats. Ew.

Album on way, can't talk long, can't walk long. Peak.


I would give gran turismo 4 an overall rating of like 4.5, this is because I didn't really feel like cars when i was going along on the road. As mac miller said: Life is a highway.

I'm gonna ride it, I'm gonna hide it, I'm gonna side it, yes.

What if pigs didn't have any hair on their body at all? Would it be called a pg? This is because "i" is also in "hair", and "p" and "g" are not. This is how I came to that conclusion during the naming process.

In lighter news,

In darker news... Vantablack. Lets discuss.

Thank you all for listening, I have been nico pain

So what do you guys think of the last album?

I know there's no way you can respond to this question. We haven't got an instagram. Because I got logged out of the account. Took a serious L there. Uncommon W diversion.

There will be several featured artists in the upcoming album. Including collaborations from big household names such as, 4tr, RJ and Skepta.

At this current stage we have 18 tracks, I have to go now. I need a shit.

Honestly, I'm touching cloth.

And remember, watch out for ghosts! Cause you can't have spiritual without ritual.

Walah bredren.





Uh uh

Ooo ooo

yeh yeh


Oh, I left my mic on

It's nice to hear from him. I wanted to leave this post on that note but I forgot two essential things. The CDs are printed, cut, folded, everything. I just need a stapler and it's done. Should be complete by the middle of the month, and we'll update you then. During this time we'll release the extended cut of Iced Out to youtube as a promotional single. The second one, Wookie, will be exclusive to those that buy it. Second bit of info, the first sykotik live session, The MC Airbag sessions, will be recorded soon and released to youtube as a part of Album 3's promotion. That's about it for the update!

Production Begins

By MC Airbag, 16/2/24

Sykotik FM's third album has entered official production! We have a complete song and one in a semi-complete state, just needing additional vocals. We also have a title, and a cover, which will be revealed a little closer to release. I can tell you though, theres a lot of white, with a bit of green and blue, and there's a second, hidden image! Album 3 is going to feature something new. Guests! That's right, it's not just gonna be us, we're gonna have everyone in a 30 mile radius with a mic and some talent doing their part. I've heard a track so far that features 3 people, none of which are me. I think it's gonna add a lot to the sound and variety. Honestly, I'm not a big part of the production so I'm gonna ask nico if he can write a little something for the blog.

Now, on the topic of East Coast Smack CDs, I'm gonna order the printer ink immediatley after this blog post goes live. I said I was gonna do that last time but a bunch of shit happened inbetween. Now I'm ready to print off a bunch of images! I wanna get it out ASAP because Album 3 is on the horizon and I don't want it to be outdated by then.


By MC Airbag, 26/1/24

Welcome to the official blog of sykotik fm! I opened this cause I want to be able to document the history of the band, and also make updates related to our progress. I'm gonna update everyone on our music, but first, what's more important than the songs? The money, of course! And so far, we have made.... zero. This is because you are all a bunch of freebooters using spotify and shit. That was a joke! It's our fault for releasing it on there lol. That is why EAST COAST SMACK IS COMING TO CD. This has been in the works for a while, but has hit a wall of production for the last couple months due to printer ink problems. However, I am no longer gonna be a little bitch about it and just buy the freaking ink!!!! Man shits expensive :/ Oh well you gotta get ur money down to get your money up sometimes! When possible, I will update this site with progress reports. For now, just know I have a prototype and that shit is awesome.

Now, on the topic of music! How's that coming along? In terms of writing, it's great. I'm coming up with bars on like, the daily. I got this big document of everything good I think of and I'm gonna be pulling from there. However, production is taking a rest due to Nico Pain being preoccupied with Other Shit. Luckily, around 4 days after East Coast Smack released I got my own recording setup, so I've been throwing together some of my own demos. I can't make beats just yet but you know how we love to sample (i.e. entirely steal beats). Working titles for the album include "Saturation", "Ness Point" and "Unknown Album". Chances are though, it's gonna be none of them. We're shooting for a mid 2024 release, at least we were the last time I asked? Either way, we're gonna take our time to make sure we deliver a feature length album with no duds and no production errors. Every song is gonna be audible and none are gonna feature 50% empty space.

BONUS CONTENT for everyone who read all that. If you skipped it and just jumped to the words bonus content fuck you man. Read my blog. Here is a preview of some lyrics that may or may not make it onto the album!

Like NHS I'm sending out shots, like M&S I'm setting up shop, like MP5S I'm silent gunning, nintendo DS, this game I'm running